Special Report: Dumb Laws

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Some call them archaic laws and you probably haven't heard of them but they are laws, even if they may not make sense to everyone, and if you break them you could be in trouble with authorities.

Road kill is something we've all probably seen at least once in our life especially on rural roads. In Georgia, if you hit an animal and kill it with your car. It's yours. You hit it, you get it.

Muscogee County Solicitor General, Ben Richardson, says,  "If the Sheriff's Office is not available then you can take the road kill for yourself, however, it has to be for you or your immediate family."

Technically, it's against the law to take someone else's road kill.   

Think it doesn't happen? Think again. Richardson has a friend who hit a deer and witnessed someone else taking it.

"This truck pulled up with two gentlemen and she thought,  'Oh great they're going to help.' They said mam you want that deer and she said, 'uh no' . They took it, put it in the back of the car and said, 'Have a great day!' and drove off."

Richardson said the law on road kill would likely not be prosecuted but it is still a law. If you've witnessed feral hogs, you may have wished it was your road kill.

" Feral hogs have been an issue in Georgia recently, they tear up your yard and destroy your land. If a feral hog is in your property you do have the right to try to trap or hunt the hog, but if it's in your neighbor's yard and you know it's coming your way, you'll have to wait until it crosses into your yards or you have your neighbor's permission. "If it's a neighbor's property you have to get written permission from your neighbor to hunt feral hogs on their property. Or anyone else's property."

Bottom line, if a hog messes up your yard and then runs away don't hunt it without permission from the property owner.. and speaking of property...just because it's yours doesn't mean you can do what you want with it. Have you ever seen a tree with initials carved into it? Maybe you've carved something into your favorite tree in a park or at your house?

What if you wanted to write your name on your own house? You can't. It's illegal to cut or deface any tree, fence or house in the city limits.

Another old law is what you can and cannot do on Sundays. Tattoos are a way for some to visually show who they are, if you've decided you would like a tattoo you'll need to choose a time Monday through Saturday. It's illegal to get a tattoo on Sundays.

We spoke to the owner of Skintastic Tattoos, Cash Parish who says they have never heard anything about tattoo's forbidden on Sunday, in fact they give tattoos on Sunday's. He says, " I think the law is, I wouldn't say crazy or stupid but I think it's probably old time in an era that wasn't as accepted by the community, by the people but now it's a common everyday thing of life."

Some of these laws won't bring prosecution, for some broken laws, your criminal history and intent plays a part, but now you know some of the cooky laws in your area.

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