Be There: Movies with the mayor

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - While teachers work very hard on lesson plans for your kids when they are in the classroom, there are also learning experiences outside of school.

Wednesday, five male students from every high school in Muscogee County loaded on to a bus with Mayor Teresa Tomlinson a to go out to the movies.

The end of the day field trip was a way for the mayor and other city leaders to give back to the community. It also was a chance for the high schoolers to get some real life lessons by communicating with each other and going to see a motivational movie.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson told News Leader Nine, "Not all of life's experiences occur inside the classroom, so it's good to have some educational experiences outside. Sometimes movies, in particular motivational movies, can allow us the opportunity to see real racial confrontation, society confrontation, people over-coming limitations and how perseverance goes a long way towards personal success."

After the movie the students, along with Judge John Allen and Mayor Tomlinson, will have a round table discussion about the film and talk some real life situations they are facing.

The five students from each school were selected by the principals and they are students who show leadership qualities.

Administrators thought these boys deserved a treat by going to the movies, and they get to meet with some influential community members as a bonus.

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