Compton's family speaks after murder suspect takes his own life

FOX 54's Curtis McCloud spoke to Velencia's mother. She did not want to go on camera but she joined her son Jordan to say a few words about what happened to her grandson's father.

Velencia Compton was murdered by Leo Scott, the father of her three year old son, on January 26. Valencia's friends and family was on the scene Thursday when police tried to capture Scott.

FOX 54 spoke to Velencia Compton's mother Michelle and her brother Jordan what happened Thursday. "From me and my mom we would just like to say we felt like justice was served this morning," said Jordan.

Michelle says Scott's death marks the end of a horrible chapter in a never-ending story. Her grandson Jayden will now have to grow up with neither one of his parents.  She says her grandson is in good hands.

On Thursday she filed a petition to get full custody of her grandson. The little boy slept while his grandmother carried him into the funeral to say his final good-bye to his mother few weeks ago.

Michelle says little Jayden will be smart and confident like his mother.  Velencia was in the Navy and studying to be a dentist. Her mother says she was going to be promoted to petty officer just before she died.

Her brother Jordan and mother and others in the family say she won't be forgotten.  The family is planning a benefit walk to honor Velencia. They will also be giving away bikes with the American Legion Post 267 in Columbus.

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