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Computer problems cause tax returns to be delayed


Taxpayers who filed their income taxes early may experience a twoto three week delay. 

Antonio Houston is one out of the hundreds of folks who say theyhave yet to receive their 2011 tax refund. 

"I've been waiting for a long time and it's just kind ofcrazy. I guess the IRS just messed up screwed up but I don't know what's goingon," Houston said.

Gloria Bowden with Global Tax Service in Columbus told News Leader9 why some people may be experiencing a delay.

"The IRS is having some delays and problems this year in workingout their computer system. We have been advised and those people who filed theladder part of January first part of February are receiving about week or twoweek delay," Bowden said.

The IRS says this new system is designed to prevent tax fraud andprotect privacy. So the earlier you filed then the more likely you are toexperience the delay.

"My tax people say they've got people that have been waitinga month and a half and they still haven't gotten theirs yet either,"Houston said.

To make the process faster on your end Bowden says make sure youhave all of your documents.

"Normal things that they would need are their ID, theirsocial security card, birth certificate, new dependents, W2's of course, andanything that comes in the mail that says important tax documents is somethingyou definitely need to bring," Bowden said.

For people like Houston who are frustrated about not receivingtheir tax return. Bowden says the best thing they can do for now is wait. 

Anyone that may have questions about their tax return can call theIRS at 1800-829-1040.

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