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Contaminated water sign spooks neighborhood


People that live by FortMitchell got quite the scare after a contaminated water sign was placed neartheir homes by Phenix City Utilities.

The sign was removed bythe time News Leader 9 got to the scene, but caution tape was still there.

The utility company saysthere was an overflow at the lift station on Knuckols Road last week.  They put the sign up to warn people that thesewage water on the ground could possibly be contaminated.

The sign confused theneighborhood making them believe the drinking water was contaminated.

Phenix City Utilitiesdirector Roger Conner says they took the sign down after they realized it wascausing confusion.

"We understand somepeople are concerned with the drinking water. Drinking water is fine andeverything else is fine. We've done testing out there and had those sent offjust for verification."

 Conners said the system overflowed due to rainwater being pulled in which overtaxed the system.

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