State bill proposes off-campus religious classes in Ala. schools

By Alan Collins - bio | email

There is a new push to teach creationism in Alabama. Rainbow City Representative Blaine Galliher is sponsoring legislation to allow creationism to be taught off school campuses at churches or ministries.

"The people I represent feel like they have a constitutional right to this. It's been litigated in courts. Courts have said they have a constitutional right to it," Galliher said.

Galliher's bill calls for the class to be a one-hour elective course. The local school board and parents would have to approve of the course.

"As long as it's permissive. It's off-campus, there is no expense to the board, the board of education would have to appall of the curriculum," Galliher said.

Over at Homewood Park, Ginny Thornton, a mother of four, says she likes the concept.

"It gives you the option to choose it if you want you want it for your children. They are exposed to other things than what is taught in public schools," Thornton said.

There are some who are questioning the proposed new law. One is the Freedom of Religion Foundation in Wisconsin.

"They are trying put forward creationism. It's not even a a theory. It has nothing to do with science. I don't think students in public schools should be getting credit for that," Andrew Seidel with the Foundation said.

The bill will be up for debate in a house committee in two weeks.

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