Boy Scouts retire flags in honor of Presidents Day

In honor of Presidents Day, a flag retirement ceremony was held at The National Infantry Museum.  Boy Scouts in Troup 2 retired the flags that are no longer fit to be used.

The scouts say the American flag is an honorable symbol of our nation, and should not be thrown in the trash; there are ways to know when it's time to retire a flag.

"Generally a flag will be faded, it may have holes in it; and if you'll look at the very tail end of the flag, it's tattered and torn, when it gets to that point, you have the option of repairing it if it's repairable. If it's not repairable, then you should replace that flag," event organizer Louis Hurst said.

They retired flags people brought and that were given to them by various businesses and organizations.

If you have a flag you would like to retire, you can take the flag to the National Infantry Museum's information desk.

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