Gas prices on the rise, talk of almost $5 at the pump

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - If you feel like gas prices are going up every time you fill up your tank, some experts say: brace yourselves because it might get worse.

According to, gas prices in Georgia are up on average about 44 cents compared to this time last year.

Nate  Dukes commutes from Columbus to Atlanta about three days a week for work.  He travels about 600 miles a week, and it costs about $100 in gas.  He says if gas prices rise anymore, something has to give.

"About $4.00 or $4.50 is about our point to where we will actually start saving money.  So we can get something that is one of the newer ones [cars] that's about 35 or 40 miles per gallon. As much as I'd hate to see this car go, it is definitely not something I've ruled out," said Dukes.

Right now, in Columbus prices are lurking at almost $3.60 for regular unleaded.

As tensions increase in the Middle East especially with Iran, one of the world's largest fuel suppliers, experts from say those numbers could go over $4 a gallon by Memorial Day.

There is even talk of possibly paying almost $5 at the pump by this summer.

Local taxi companies are already trying to fight the rise in costs at the pump. "We are not going up on our prices.  We're asking our drivers to make one extra call a day," said John Golden with City Cabs.  He says picking up one more customer should be able to make up for the extra cost in gas.

"We feel that our customers can't afford any more money than what they are paying in cab fare," said Golden.

Solutions are just what drivers like Dukes are looking for, but they are not sure they will come anytime soon.

"I'd take just about any option they could give me at this point as long as it meant I'd save at least a little bit at the pump," said Dukes.

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