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EDITORIAL: Alabama Budgets Cuts

EDITORIAL:  How many times can the state education budget in Alabama be slashed?  How many more accused rapists will be set free because there isn't enough money to bring an out-of state victim back to testify?  How many times can the state budget be hacked up? Year after year, before someone with some courage finally says enough already.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has proposed moving the separate education budget into the overall state budget, a very unfavorable move to a lot of people including many fellow republicans. 

The thinking is that the hundreds of millions dedicated to funding every public school in the state will be devoured to fill budget shortfalls in many areas including in Medicaid and with housing prisoners.

Also among the repeated victims of the budget cutting is state-supported district attorney offices that have been devastated in recent years.  For instance, in Russell County prosecutors had to let an accused rapist walk free after the DA's office didn't have the money to pay the out-of-state victim's airfare to testify at a re-trial. 

We elect legislators to find solutions to problems, simple as that.  Nows the time for them to stand up and say enough is enough. Because the budget slashing in Alabama won't get any better anytime soon our kids, more than anyone, will end up the biggest losers.

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