Be There: Smart board in the classroom

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Technology is a huge part of children's lives and now it is making its way into the classroom. In this week's Be There we take a look at how new smartboards are changing the way your children learn.

It started with blackboards, and then they were replaced with white boards. Now a whole new type of board is being installed in classrooms and it's smarter than you can imagine.

Early College Academy math teacher Stephanie Ruffner explained, "We use it in the classroom as well as creating interactive lessons. We can move things around, we can save the work we do and post it on our website for the kids it see later as well."

English teacher at Early College, Christy Grigsby said the smartboard allows teachers to cut down on the amount of copies they need, "It's really cut down on the amount of time I've spent writing things on the board. I get to create it once and I spend more time teaching them than writing on the board."

Early College sophomore Decliffia Coleman says the boards help students get involved in class work, "Usually when she was on the board writing nobody really paid attention but now that we have the smartboard we pay attention more because it's new. She calls on people and they actually want to go up to the board and write on it."

And Grigsby adds the smartboard technology enables teachers to get more creative with their lessons, "Students love coming up here and touching things and manipulating things. And where they may not have come up here to just write on the board, this is more fun."

Plus the smart boards have the ability to use video and audio components. Ruffner told News Leader Nine, "It helps to project whoever is speaking across the room so students in the back of the classroom as well as it can record whatever you are talking about in class so you can upload it later then they can hear the conversation that went on in the classroom."

Kendall Dawson, who is a freshman at Early College added, "It keeps me really interested in the class and I get to interact with it. It is really interesting."

The Muscogee County School Districts has plans to eventually put smartboards in every classroom in the county.

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