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Residents file appeal after council votes to rezone land


After Phenix City voted to approve rezoning land on Dobbs Drive afew weeks ago, people who live in the area are taking their problems to theRussell County court system.

Several residents have filed an appeal in circuit court, claimingPhenix City violated its own city ordinance by voting to approve that the landbe rezoned.

For nearly 20 years William Lane has called Dobbs Drive his home.Lane says he remembers when the drive was so quiet you could hear a pin dropduring rush hour.

"Traffic is so hectic right now it's hard to even get out onAuburn," Lane said.

With the approval of the land rezoning on Dobbs Drive things areexpected to become more complicated.  Acouple of weeks ago council members made a vote to change city law so that theland rezoning could be approved.

This made people who live in the area upset. Several people wholive closest to the proposed development filed an appeal citing that the cityviolated its own zoning ordinance by approving to zone the property.

News Leader 9 sat down with their lawyer Richard Chancey Wednesday.He says Phenix City council did not go about handling this issue the best wayfor tax payers.

"It is just a shame that our citizens voice their concernsand basically were disregarded for some reason," Chancey said.  

The city attorney Jimmy Graham told News Leader 9 over the phone thatthey didn't do anything wrong by rezoning the land and didn't violate any laws.Graham also added that the ability to make amendments to the ordinance havebeen this way for a while.  

Still people like William Lane won't be happy until the proposedapartments are built somewhere else.

"It will change the neighborhood, I'm quite sure it willchange the neighborhood," Lane said.

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