Alleged ambulance thief's wife speaks about new allegations

The man Columbus police say stole an ambulance before crashing it, Johnnie Carter, now has a warrant for his arrest from Phenix City Police for sodomy.

The mother of the victim spoke to News Leader 9 and explained how Carter's crimes allegedly started the day before police say he stole the ambulance.

Johnnie Carter is already in the Muscogee County Jail after police say he pushed an EMS driver out of an ambulance and took off in the stolen vehicle. Now Phenix City Police are adding to Carter's list of charges. They have issued a warrant for sodomy in the first degree.

Phenix City Police Captain Frank Ivey explained, "We were informed that Johnnie Carter had been observed performing a deviant sexual act on a minor child."

Police say Carter was found with his wife's 17 month old son. The child's mother, Desiray, said, "When I went in I found Johnnie giving him oral. I asked him what he was doing and why and he looked up and said I have nothing else to do."

The baby's mother, who has been married to Carter for nine days, says her new husband hadn't moved in to her home yet, but was only alone with her son for a short amount of time before she caught him Sunday afternoon, "I wanted to hurt him, but I knew it wasn't going to give me any justice if I hurt him so I called my mom and then I called the police."

Then on Monday police say Carter broke out of the hospital and wrecked a stolen ambulance.

His wife Desiray said, "I just want to say I apologize for the ambulance and the property he damaged, because I am still his wife and it affects me just as much as it affects him. Nobody can really feel what I am feeling right now."

If Carter makes bond from the Muscogee County Jail, he will be transferred to Russell County. If not, his Phenix City case will have to wait until after court proceedings in Columbus. Capt. Ivey told News Leader 9, "The charges he has on him in Georgia are serious too, I believe those are felony charges. It could be, depending on how long the court process takes in Georgia it could be a number of years before he comes down."

If found guilty for sodomy, Johnnie Carter could face up to 20 years in prison. His wife plans to file for divorce.

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