Weight Loss Surgery

When Weight Loss Surgery is Your Option

If your Body Mass Index is 35 or more and you have tried to lose weight without success, you may be a candidate for bariatric surgery. When you come to West Georgia Surgery Bariatric Services, a complete medical and lifestyle history will be taken to determine whether bariatric surgery is right for you.

Even if you are approved for surgery, you are still responsible for the success of your weight loss by eating well and getting exercise. The goal of weight loss surgery is to help you get your body weight down to a safer range in hopes of any associated conditions (comorbidities) and risks being reduced, reversed or completely eliminated. Many people who undergo surgery notice increased mobility, higher self-esteem and body image, and overall well-being throughout their weight loss journey.

Bariatric Surgery at West Georgia Surgery

The weight loss surgeries offered at West Georgia Surgery are preferred laparoscopically. Laparoscopic surgeries are minimally invasive procedures. Through several small incisions, surgeons can view the inside of your abdomen and perform the surgery with advanced tools at the same time. Laparoscopic surgery greatly reduces patient discomfort and recuperation time. Dr Turton will discuss the laparoscopic surgical options and determine which one is right for you.

Learn More about Weight Loss Surgery

Informational seminars are held throughout the area to provide you with the opportunity to learn more and have your questions answered. Following the seminar, you can have almost all of your evaluation completed in one visit. Call 706-880-7600 or register online for an upcoming seminar.

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