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Friends and fans of "Mr. Penny" build memorial

Just a few steps from where Mr. Penny stood every morning for 37 years, leading children across the street to Dean's Road Elementary, is a Mr. Penny memorial filled with flowers, candles, notes and of course Auburn memorabilia.

"He's definitely iconic for this town. Everybody that lives here knows who he is. The children especially, the old and the young. I'm over 30 now and he was here when I was a child and walked across the street," said Bradley Robertson.

Robertson, came out in the rainy, dreary day to see the memorial made by students from Dean Road and fans that know him from doing hundreds of pushups during the Auburn football games.

They say when the city of Auburn thinks of Mr. Penny they think of two things:  his big, jolly smile and his pushups, "He was at P.E. doing pushups with us. He's everything to the children but he's everything to this town as well. Everybody knows him and doesn't just know him they love him."

Mr. Penny was known by all to be a huge Auburn fan.

One person left an Auburn uniform, others left War Eagle signs and someone left an Auburn chair. "On Fridays before game days he was out here with his shakers and pom poms - holding up war eagle signs."

Mr. Penny is still at the East Alabama Medical Center in critical condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but his biggest supporters aren't giving up.

One signs reads, "Get better soon, Love Carly. P.S. I believe there's still hope." Another note simply says, "Thank you Mr. Penny… for walking me across the street."

Every other poster, sign and note say, "We love you Mr. Penny."

"His joy and his smile still come to my mind. His laughter and his love for this city and it is hard to understand but you still love the man and we always will," said Robertson. 

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