Chattahoochee County gets emergency warning system

CHATTAHOOCHEE COUNTY, GA (WXTX) - For the first time ever emergency warning sirens are being put up in Chattahoochee County.

Henry and JoAnn Goddard have lived in Chattahoochee County for more than 30 years and not once have sirens warned them of bad weather.

"We were in Columbus and hear sirens go off at noon. I told my husband I wish we had one like that," JoAnn Goddard said.

Thursday JoAnn's wish came true. Six brand new emergency warning sirens are being placed throughout the county.

"There is no human interaction required. It all comes through satellite feed and a computer system," County Manager Thomas Weaver said.

The $170,000 system is one of three of its kind to be installed in Georgia.  The new emergency system will also send warning messages through text alerts, emails, and phone calls. Anyone wishing to sign up for the program can do so at the Government Center in Cusseta.

"We won't have to send somebody out going down the street trying to tell people. It will automatically alert and they will know at that time when they hear the siren where to go and what the procedure is," Weaver said.

Similar to Columbus' system, the sirens will have different tones for specific warnings. The entire system is expected to be up and running by the end of next week.

"Weather conditions nowadays are really unpredictable and people need to have that warning and be prepared," Henry Goddard said.

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