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Family and friends remember mother and son shot to death


One week after Tina Green Hall and son Jeremy were found dead in their home on Howe Avenue, family and friends came together to say goodbye.

Funeral services were held Saturday at South Columbus United Methodist Church. 

Jeremy Hall's father, Jerry, was distraught when he spoke to News Leader 9 outside the church not knowing what to do without his son, who he called his little shadow.

"Everywhere I go he was behind me. My shadow has been taken away from me," Hall said.  

Hall says the last time he saw his son was Thursday morning, Jeremy had been out of school sick with a cold since Tuesday. Jerry told News Leader 9 that little Jeremy was expected to be back at school Friday, instead he was found shot to death along side his mother at their home on Howe Avenue last Friday.

Family and friends poured into the church to remember the mother son duo who touched the lives of everyone they knew and loved.

Arlene Waite worked with Tina Hall at Burger King. "She was a very loving person and I wish I had more friends like her," Waite said.

During the funeral services, family members shared poems reflecting on memories of Tina and Jeremy. Tina was known for smile and good attitude. Jeremy, his energetic spirit and ways of making people laugh, including a talent show where Jeremy did the Chuck-E-Cheese dance.

 A week has gone by and still many questions concerning their deaths remain unanswered.

"They haven't said the cause of death or nothing they haven't told us anything," Jerry Hall said.

Though the circumstances were sad, family members say the double service was fitting. Tina and Jeremy were never apart in life and now they are together in death, buried side by side.

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