Join us Tonight for Newsleader 9 at 11

Good Evening, Hope you'll join us Tonight for Newsleader 9 at 11.  Here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for you.

It's super campaigning ahead of Super Tuesday and Columbus native Newt Gingrich is on the stump back in the south. We'll tell you what's at stake and what Georgia voters need to know before going to the polls tomorrow.

Plus, advertisers are dropping Rush Limbaugh left and right. We'll tell you what he said on his radio show that's causing so much controversy and what he's saying now. And we'll let you know how many advertisers have jumped ship.

And, the latest on cleanup after tornadoes sweep through 5 states including Alabama and Georgia. Volunteers from across Alabama are in Talapoosa County tonight to help rebuild and feed those in need. We've got the very latest.

And we'll tell you about a move underway at the Georgia State Capitol to pass a bill that would make it a crime for adults not to report child abuse.

All those stories and much more, plus Chief Meteorologist Derek Kinkade has the details on the forecast. Will you need the overcoat in the morning? He'll let you know when you join us tonight for Newsleader 9 at 11.