23 people arrested in Harris County drug bust

HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Harris County Sheriff's Deputies have arrested 23 people in the last two weeks as a result of one traffic stop.

Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Department used seized cell phones to make several arrests of people who were trying to buy or sell "roxicodoine, meth, marijuana, cocaine, and hard core drugs" in the county, explained Sheriff Mike Jolley.

Deputies noticed the cell phones of drug dealers they arrested were very active and turned them over to investigators.  When someone would text the phone of an inmate asking for drugs, investigators would play along and set up a meeting.

This led to 23 arrests.
"People this day in time are addicted to their phones.  They use them just like they would in a conversation face to face.  However, any thing you say across the airways can be used against you," said Jolley.
"It is high tech.  It is something you wouldn't have seen 15-20 years ago in law enforcement, but we are using it now."
Sheriff Jolley said suppressing drugs moving through the county can stop a host of other criminal activity like burglary, robbery, and DUI.
"If you deliver drugs in Harris County be prepared to know who you are delivering it to.  Because, you could be delivering it to one of us. Not only are you going to jail, but we are going to seize your vehicle and your property."
Along with the drugs, five cars, hundreds of dollars in cash and several cell phones were seized during this investigation.
"It's not this time that is going to put them in jail, it is their record.  A lot of them are addicts and they need help," said Jolley.
Investigators don't believe this is the end of the arrests they will make.

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