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It is Super Tuesday, are you ready to vote?

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Leading up to Super Tuesday, Baker High School graduate Newt Gingrich is leading the Republican presidential candidates in Georgia.  According to the latest poll by Rasmussen, Gingrich is at the top with 37%.

Mitt Romney is in second place with 27%.  Rick Santorum has captured 18% of the vote while Ron Paul is in last place with 10%.

Now, it is your turn to decide which GOP presidential candidate you want to see face off against President Obama this November.

'I want somebody to lead.  I mean the number one characteristic is give me somebody that is going to beat Barak Obama.  That is the number one consideration for most party Republicans would say," said Muscogee County Republican Party Chairman Seth Harp.

The numbers are way down for early voters. In fact, the state is tens of thousands less than the number of people who cast votes during the last presidential election.

Harp says he thinks Republicans will get out there and vote, but hopes Democrats stick to their own ballot and not vote for a Republican candidate they think will not stand a chance of beating the President.

"This is a process where parties are selecting their candidate and they need, members of the party, to pick the person that best represents the values that that party holds," said Harp.

Both Georgia and Alabama have open primaries meaning you can vote for either Republican or Democrat no matter your affiliation.  However, Muscogee County Democratic Chair John Van Doorn does not think cross-voting will happen much Tuesday in Georgia or March 13th in Alabama.

"Yes some Democrats are probably going to vote for Newt or for Rick because they think they're easier candidates to beat in the fall, but I suspect the result will be pretty close to what it would be like if it was a closed primary system," said Van Doorn. 

He says the effects of the battles between GOP candidates may be worse than cross-voting.

"They're chewing each other up, and the eventual nominee is going to be very weakened when he comes to his convention and to the fall election.  That leaves President Obama's work being done largely for him this spring," said Van Doorn.

Both Harp and Van Doorn say it is important for everyone to vote.  That way Republicans can elect a nominee and so President Obama will know how much support he will have in November.

Voting stations in Georgia will be open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.   Voters will be required to show one form of photo ID. Acceptable ID's include a Georgia driver's license even if it is expired.  There are several others you can bring including a valid us passport or military photo.

If you need help finding your polling location or to see a sample ballot, go to 

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