A Look Ahead to 5 & 6

Hope you're enjoying this Super Tuesday!
Here are some of the stories we're working on for WTVM News Leader 9 tonight at 5 & 6:

Just 2 hours are left for Georgia voters to cast their ballots in the Super Tuesday primaries. Will Newt Gingrich win his home state and by how much? We talk to voters in our area and will peek at voter turnout in all 10 states where people are casting ballots for the GOP republican race.

Disturbing new details are emerging this afternoon about the Alabama girl who was allegedly "run to death." Hear from police about what she was forced to carry while running.
The next time you go to the Columbus Government Center or your child's school, you may find a copy of the Ten Commandments hanging on the wall. We'll explain why.
See ya tonight at 5 & 6,
Jason Dennis