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Ten Commandments could soon be in all public government buildings


The Ten Commandments may soon appear in all public buildings and schools in Georgia. A bill is on its way to the state senate to get the Ten Commandments posted in a variety of places all over the state.

"We need to be reminded. And there are a lot of people who don't know. And, that's a perfect opportunity for somebody to learn," Columbus resident Kemis Massey said.

The bill passed the state House with a unanimous vote, that would allow the Ten Commandments to be posted in government buildings, schools, and other public places.

Currently, the law says the commandments can be posted as long as 8 other historical documents are included. This new law would allow only the commandments to be displayed.

"The controversy comes down to what the First Amendment means when it says establishment of religion. Does it mean there should be a wall of separation of church and state? Where religion and government should be entirely separate? or does it simply mean that government shouldn't choose any one group?" Political Expert Dr. David Lanoue said.

"We have separation of church and state, but it is the foundation of our country," says Columbus resident Embry Moore said.

Everyone News Leader 9 spoke with seems to be for this law passing.

Columbus resident Julie Greco said, "I think it's very good and it is important because all of our laws are based on Gods law."

"In my opinion, schools need it. That's where they need it most," said Moore.

Doctor Lanoue says this could possibly open up a flood gate of lawsuits. "Organizations representing minority religious groups who oppose this, may take it to court. It's not a lawsuit for money; it's a lawsuit to try to get the federal court to tell the state to remove the Ten Commandments."

House lawmakers say the bill is not an endorsement of Christianity but a display of the system many of our laws are based on.

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