Low voter turnout in Columbus on Super Tuesday

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Georgia is one of the ten states participating in Super Tuesday and in Muscogee County voter turnout has been very low.

Super Tuesday does not seem to look so super and nearly 93% of registered voters are not coming out.

News Leader 9 spoke with many voters who said the polls seemed very bare. Although it was a quick vote and go for many, but some expected a bigger turnout.

Nancy Boren from the Office of Elections and Registrations said, "We are looking at only one candidate on the Democratic ballot and of course there are nine candidates on the Republican ballot. There is not a lot of motivation for Democratic voters to come out and vote on Election Day."

"It's been very slow and I think everyone should exercise their privilege in voting. It's a shame to me that more people don't be appearing to come out and vote," says voter Louise Pinter.

In Georgia, you can vote for any ballot you would like to, your party affiliation does not matter.

It was estimated that only 7% of voters would come out Tuesday, this includes absentee ballots and early voting.

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