Columbus Civic Center sees a surge in ticket sales

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - On Saturday night all eyes were on the Columbus Civic Center as people poured inside to catch a glimpse of the popular music act Lady Antebellum.

"We were very excited it was a completely sold out show and the energy in the room was just incredible," Civic Center Director Ross Horner said.

The sold out show brought hundreds to the usually empty Civic Center.

"We're suddenly getting a lot more A-list entertainment here, and I think if we got more current people performing here we would do even better," says Jeannie Sibary.

Sibary purchased tickets Tuesday for an upcoming Disney Show. Those like Trina Hasen believe the more popular shows have; more people will be expected to come out.

"If everybody is going to start coming and we have more shows, better artist, better shows entertainment," said Hasen.

Ross Horner who took over the position as Civic Center Director last summer is working towards his overall goal of breathing life back into a once thriving center.

"A lot has to be with timing, you have to get an artist that is available first for routing but also an artist that kind of hits the market just right and people are willing to part with their hard earned dollars to come in and see that's the biggest thing," Horner said.

Some of the major acts to come between March and May include Mike Epps, Disney on Ice, Alan Jackson and the Harlem Globetrotters.

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