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Local Republicans aren't surprised by Gingrich win


Some local Republicans are not surprised that GOP presidential hopeful and Baker High School graduate Newt Gingrich won over Georgia's voters.

"You've got someone who is known from Georgia.  That has been a Congressman down here.  [He has] been a Speaker of the House.  All of those things come together, and for that reason, I would think the support would be overwhelming," said Muscogee County Republican Party Chairman Seth Harp.

There still are challenges facing Gingrich and his opponents.  From personal beliefs, to experience, to stance on issues, it seems these presidential candidates have attacked one another across the board for months.

So, can the Republican Party recover from all the negativity when it comes to picking one to stand against President Obama this fall?  Some say it is just how politics goes.

"That's the way we do.   We know that we are going to have a big group.  We want to let everybody come out.  We are going to let everybody have a say.  That's in our candidates too," said Darlene Vanpelt, the President for Republican Women of Muscogee and Harris Counties.

Others say it is time to clean up the act.

"The battering that they are doing to one another is not helping them in turns of where we come together at the end of the game of trying to beat and unseat Barak Obama," said Harp.

"I look forward to the day when the attacks stop.  I do think the attacks help them understand what might be said to them or about them so it does help prepare them for when they face President Obama," said Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress John House.

Some say all the bickering can help the candidates in some way, but some leaders and voters say Republican candidates and supporters will unite for one goal.

"To get Obama out of the White House in November so that we will not have four more years with his policies," said Vanpelt.

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