Be There: Anti-Bullying in Schools

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Muscogee County School District will continue its "Anti-Bullying Campaign" and this time it is reaching a younger audience.

Bullying is becoming more serious in schools. By the time a student reaches middle or high school, it could be too late to try and prevent it.  That is why this new anti-bully technique is targeting elementary school students.

The Muscogee County School District is using real life lessons to deter bullying in schools. And in order to start the prevention before bullying gets too serious, the seminars are aimed towards younger kids.

The founder of KARMA, Kids Against Ridicule, Meanness, and Aggression, started by sharing a story about a "Bully Monster" who may be inside the school.

Jessica Brookshire told a group of elementary school students, "He loves to live in schools where people are calling each other mean names, and where there is hitting and kicking and pushing and shoving, people not being friends, and people saying mean words, and people hurting each other's feelings, and not learning, and not having fun, and not making friends. That is his favorite kind of school. Raise your hand if you think there might be a "Bully Monster" in your school."

Brookshire goes on to explain the three major ways to get rid of the "Bully Monster": make friends, learn something new about someone, and help other people. And the same number of students who said there might be a bully problem, vowed to help stop it.

Brookshire announced, "Raise your hand if you think you can help one person every day." Every child in the school raised their hand.

The Bully Prevention Program already took place at Wesley Heights and Edgewood Elementary Schools, and later in the week they will be held at Muscogee and Forrest Road Elementary Schools.

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