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What's in your dentures: Proposed regulations for dental labs


Dentists do have to follow regulations, but some Georgia lawmakerswant to see tighter rules for dental labs.

Georgia Senate Bill 375 would put more requirements on what dentallab workers tell dentists and now, one local lab is stepping up in favor of thechanges.

There are dozens of steps before a little piece of porcelain canlook like a tooth.  The Lab 2000, Inc in Columbus specializes in makingcrowns and bridges.  Everything is 100% made in the United States, butowner Dena Lanier says that is not always the case for some companies.

"Around 40% of all the restorations made in the United Statesgo offshore.  We have seven to eight different countries that these aresent to.  So, it's not so much that do you know what is going in yourmouth.  Sometimes, the dentist doesn't know," said Lanier.

Right now, the Georgia Dental Laboratory Association says labs donot have to reveal to a dentist what is in their products like from dentures toimplants. And because of that, they warn that a dentist might not always knowexactly what's going in your mouth.

Supporters say Georgia Senate Bill 375 would change that.

"It will require laboratories in Georgia to let the dentistsknow what the crown and bridge and what the restorations of any kind are madeof," said Lanier.

The bill would also require the lab to tell the dentists and thenthe dentist to tell the patient if a product was made outside of the U.S.

Dr. Joseph Largeman says the products he uses already breaks downexactly what is in them because the results can be dangerous if a dentist isusing something that is not approved.

"[Products that are not approve can cause] A massiveinflammatory reaction around the area.  The body can responding badly toit.  So you have to use materials that are bio-compatible," saidLargeman.

The bill is just in its preliminary stages, but Lanier urgesothers to support it before you end up with more than just a toothache.

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