Stewart County schools consider four day school week

The possibility of switching from a five day school week to a four day is causing quite a bit of noise in the quiet town of Lumpkin.

Jimmy Gaddy who has a daughter that attends Stewart County High school does not believe the change would be in the county's or students best interest.

"We should stay at five days a week and initiate other programs to help these kids get through the end of grade testing," Gaddy said.

Stewart County Superintendent Floyd Fort told News Leader 9 that the school system is exploring the possibility of a four day school week to save money.

Surveys sent home to parents this week estimate the cost savings per year to be about $100,000.  Fort says this would be beneficial because the school system was lacking $420,000 this year and that same number is expected for the next school year.

The new schedule would put students in classes from 8 am until 4 pm Tuesday through Friday. Teachers would work 9 in 1/2 hour days plus 2 hours per week at home.  All schools would be closed on Monday.

Stewart County school system says the four day week would save money on electricity, water, and transportation, fewer discipline referrals, fewer teacher absences, and more engaged students.

People who are against it saying finding someone to keep their kids on Monday would be a challenge while others say they simply don't like it.

Superintendent Fort says it all comes down to money that the state is not providing to Stewart County schools. He says other possibilities they are considering to cover the budget shortfall is increasing property taxes or cutting staff.

"Four days a week i don't think it would make much of a difference, not if they stay focused and do what they need to do," Octavia Key said.

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