Superintendent Dr. Andrews looks back on AYP, career and what's next

After 35 years of working in education in Georgia, Muscogee County Superintendent Dr.Susan Andrews is retiring in July.

She's been on the job in Muscogee County for three years; she was Harris County's Superintendent for nine years before that. Andrews says she had been thinking about it for a little bit, but this weekend it clicked.

"This past weekend I thought you know I would really like to go to Arizona to see my grand baby but I can't do that and so the more I thought about that, I thought you know I think it's time."

Dr. Andrews received a lot of criticism for low AYP scores throughout the Muscogee County schools but she says that has nothing to do with her leaving.

"It's discouraging because the actual scores went up. Across the district in every subject except reading which went down one percentile but the criticism was harsh because we didn't make AYP." Discouraging she says for teachers, principals and superintendents seeing hard work but not getting credit for it.

"You take those hard knocks as you go we are a public education and so the public has a right to look into our windows and doors and criticize and praise what they see."

Andrews says she is proud of what was accomplished in her three years in Muscogee County.

She originally wanted all classes to be standards based which they are now. "We have the SPLOST money to do the building projects that we need, and I think that we have improved communication and the community and that was a major goal of mine." Some say Andrews only intended to stay 3 years in Muscogee County, only to fulfill tenure she says that's not true.

"I have a contract through January 2014 but your retirement is based on your highest 24 months of service and so if I were just coming to get my retirement up I would have left a year ago."

As she prepares for leaving she does have some advice for the incoming superintendent

"We've got to focus on Sciences and social studies in the elementary schools and I think we've raised that awareness in schools...I think in our high schools we have to do more with career development."

Andrews last day will be July 31st. She says she does not know who will replace her, but feels they will do a nationwide search because the district is large.

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