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Exide Technologies adds new technology jobs to Columbus


If you or anyone you know is looking for a job, Exide Technologiessays it's hiring people to produce a cutting edge battery right here inColumbus.

"That's one of the great things about having a global companyis we've seen this technology start in Europe, it's had a very rapid adoptionrate. It's just starting to come to the United States now," said ExideTechnologies President James Bolch.

Bolch is talking about what Exide calls the new cutting edgeAbsorbed-Glass-Mat battery. The battery is designed to last longer, reducepollution, and help save money at the pump. As early as March 19 they will beused in some cars and trucks hot off the assembly line.

"[The battery is good for] any vehicle that has a lot ofdemands. So, even a standard vehicle. But, think about a police car, or taxicab, or something that gets a lot of use," said Bolch.

To help people get the most use out of these new batteries, Exideneeds to hire workers to make them.

"It runs the spectrum, mostly we're looking at productionworkers, but we continue- we've also added technical people too so you knowengineering production planning," said Bolch.

The Company's president says they started with 85 people and justrecently hired another 60 employees.

"We hope this product's going to take off in the marketplace,and we can soon get to full production, to two-hundred and fifty people,"said Bolch.

Exide says as the demands for the products grow, so will the jobopportunities.

"I think it also brings a bit of a cache to the town. We'rebringing new technology; it's exciting to be part of the future. I think it'sgood for the company, good for Columbus."

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