Police investigating homicide at Lakebottom residence

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus police are investigating the murder of a man who was found stabbed to death in his Lakebottom home.

Neighbors say 53-year old Michael Crowley had lived at 1515 18th Avenue for more than two years. He was self-employed, worked with computers, and mostly kept to himself. His quiet lifestyle may be the reason no one knew Crowley was dead inside his home.

Police got a call from Crowley's sister Tuesday night saying she had not heard from or seen her brother since the weekend. Police say she had gotten a call from police in Cobb County claiming they found her brother's car near Atlanta. With that news, she asked Columbus police to go by her brother's house on 18th Avenue to check on him. Once they got inside the house, police say they found him lying dead on the kitchen floor.

The coroner's office pronounced Michael Crowley dead just after 9 pm Tuesday night. They tell News Leader 9 he was stabbed several times in his upper torso and a knife was found near his body. Police say the injuries were inflicted by someone other than Crowley and they are investigating this as a murder.

Investigators say there was no forced entry into the home and they believe Crowley was killed sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday night when they found him.

Crowley's body is at the state crime lab and an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday. At this time police have no suspects in this case.

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