Construction project causes muddy mess for Liberty Theatre district residents

The rain early Tuesday morning caused a muddy mess for folks who live in the Liberty District of downtown Columbus.

Several people who live in apartments on 6th Avenue say the construction of the new sewer and storm drain left dirt that turned to thick mud during the rain.

Ray Coleman is doing what he usually does during this time of day checking in on his mother's best friend. But for the past year he's had to take a detour to avoid clumps of mud in her front yard.

"The city needs to step up because we got people tracking mud in their house and it's just messed up," Coleman said.

News Leader 9 went to the city engineering office and spoke with Director Donna Newman about this concern. Newman says utility lines had to move before the area in front of the apartments on 6th Avenue could be fixed.

"Were hoping to have it completed in about three weeks, we will be working to clean up the area as far as grading and installing driveways," City Engineering Manager Donna Newman.

Newman says the area was in desperate need of new sewer pipes and storm drain. She says the new system will help control and stop flooding that has been happening in the Liberty District for years.

"What's down there is very old and very limited in capacity there were smaller pipes there were fewer inlets," Newman said.

The entire sewer project is slated to be completed by the first of the year. In the mean time people who live in the Liberty District area like Ray Coleman will have a new sidewalk in a few weeks.

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