Homicide expert hosts class in Russell County

Law enforcement officials from all over the southeast gathered in Russell County this week to go through a homicide training class.

Fifty men and women with police and sheriff's departments in Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia attended the seminar.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor invited the speaker to the area and the Sheriff's Office actually sponsored the class.

The instructor has 40 years of homicide experience, has published several books, and is considered an expert in his field. Commander Vernan J. Geberth discussed the advances in forensic science and covered everything from basic investigation to more extreme cases.

He told FOX54, "Homicide investigation is like re-inventing the wheel. The same mistakes that were made 20 years ago are made today. The only difference is with technology we can do much more than we could years ago, and with technology we can't afford to make those mistakes."

Geberth just published an article about African American serial killers, and he included the Carlton Gary "Stocking Strangler" case in his writings.

The three day homicide seminar wrapped up Wednesday afternoon.

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