Credit/Debit card skimmer found in LaGrange

During a routine pump check at one of the busiest gas stations in LaGrange, the RaceTrac on Lafayette Parkway, a technician found something that made him call police.
LaGrange Police Detective William Nelson said, "They located a device inside of the pump that they believed was a credit debit card skimming device."
A skimmer is a device that can wirelessly transmit your financial information from just one swipe of your credit card.  
A Bluetooth device located inside the pump sent credit and debit card information to the thief. Officials said this means someone has a key to open the pump but they have not been able to locate anyone involved.
Nelson explained, the thief could be "ambitious students who are just trying to find a way to make a few extra dollars to organized crime.  So, we don't exactly know who may have done it but it could span the gamut as to who did it."
Detectives say this type of scam is happening more often and suggest you check your bank statements and credit card transactions often.  If you notice anything that looks suspicious, call the authorities.

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