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Columbus Police bust marijuana grow operation in northeast Columbus


Marijuana plants spreadacross your neighbor's front yard may be the last thing you expect to see inyour neighborhood, but for some neighbors that was their view.

Columbus police made a"house call" to marijuana grow operation on Saturday. Police say their month long sting hascome to an end with the bust of a marijuana growth operation.

"Officers were able to obtainenough information to serve a search warrant and about 12 o'clock thisafternoon we served a search warrant on this residents and this is about halfof what we found," Columbus Police Captain Gil Slouchik said.

What they found was a half a milliondollars worth of cannabis plants at a home on Jane Lane in Columbus. Captain Slouchiksays some of the marijuana was packaged and ready for sale.

"Jesus Christ! I thought the [marijuanain the yard] was about to blow me away. This is something that you see in themovie Pineapple Express or something like that."

But, Columbus Police say this is nomovie.

"It's an extensive in door growoperation. We've found marijuana growing in several different stages" partof the marijuana is in plants the other part of it is hydroponic which means itsbeing grown in water. It's a pretty extensive grow operation," said Capt.Slouchik

News Leader 9 spoke with neighbors whosay this just doesn't happen in their neighborhood.          "I had no clue this is a realquiet neighborhood. This is the last place I would suspect for something likethis to go on. You know northeast Columbus in a neighborhood mainly of - Ithink I'm the youngest person that lives in the neighborhood."

Mr. Bagget has lived in thisneighborhood for three years. He says the people that lived in the raided homeusually kept to themselves and he never noticed anything suspicious going on.

"That is a rental house. Most ofus own our homes here and so usually the person that lives there we don't knowthem as well as the other people."

When police burst into the home no onewas there. But a short time later they arrested a white male named john Chapman.He is 28-years-old.

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