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Church opens its doors for worship three years after it was destroyed by a tornado


You may remember thedevastating Salem, Alabama tornado a few years ago. One church that wasdestroyed finally opened its doors three years later for worship services.

Pastor of Salem ChapelAfrican Methodist Episcopal Church Kendra Jacobs says she remembers it likeyesterday.

"It was in 2009, February28th, a tornado came through. We lost the church it wasn't useable. The entiresanctuary was gone."

With a packed sanctuary,Pastor Jacobs and visitors sang, clapped, and thanked God for their newblessing.

"As I always say,there were the messages in the storm. One to pray and to stand on god'spromises and so we've done that and look what God has done," said Jacobs.

David Herd has been amember at Salem Chapel for more than 10 years. He says when they lost thechurch it hit him hard. Now, he says things are back to normal and he'sgrateful to have such a beautiful church to call his own.

"It's really nice. Itwas thrill this morning when we got here and had our Sunday school. Everybodywas on an upbeat. And today everybody showed up. It really made it worth itswild," said Herd

Pastor Jacobs says she hasbeen overwhelmed by the amount of support her church has gotten.  "It's overwhelming.Just as it was when we lost our church, there were people in the community thatcame over to help us with- to clear out all of the damage. On today, we havepeople that have come to celebrate with us. We will never forget it. We willnever forget all of the acts of kindness," said Jacobs.

Pastor Jacobs says rightnow they have about 45 members of their congregations, but their new church holds200 people. So, anyone wanting to come and praise the lord is welcome in theirchurch.

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