Columbus preps for Wednesday's breaching of dam

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - All eyes are on the schedule for the breach of the Eagle and Phenix Dam Wednesday that will blast the progress of the whitewater course along with it.

In a matter of a few seconds 50 feet of the dam on the Alabama side will be breached on Wednesday.

Richard Bishop with Uptown Columbus says, "They'll be a few blasts going on simultaneously and probably within seconds you'll hear a big boom and hopefully everything will fall in and you'll see water rushing in that breached area." The pool behind the dam will be lowered about to about 6 feet.

The explosion will be open to the public and Uptown Columbus leaders encourage folks to come down and watch it between 2 pm and 4 pm Wednesday afternoon.

"We're closing off a number of streets in Uptown area…We encourage them to use the Rivercenter parking deck and walk down to Woodruff Park."

Bishop says they're expecting a great crowd and a lot of fun. "We'll have music and other entertainment to pass the time away because remember we don't have an exact time to breach."

The team will have to first evaluate the weather and moisture in the air, the scene of the area and the dam on the morning of the breach, before they can make a final time.

"It's really that benchmark date for this project. Every meeting we've been to everyone wanted to know when will you breach the dam."

If you'd like to see it for yourself Wednesday, be on the green space at the end of 10th Avenue at 2 pm or watch the big boom on News Leader 9. We'll keep you updated through that day.

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