14th Street Bridge will offer more than walking bridge

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Construction continues on the 14th Street Bridge continues, a bridge just for the pedestrians, but the bridge will have more than one use.

City Planning Manager Rick Jones says, "It will be a festival area when completed it'll have lighting on it, it'll have places for vendors to be on. It'll have special events, or concerts or parades or whatever you want to use it for."

Jones says the bridge will also be a great spot for people to watch the white water course.

Construction of the 14th Street Bridge has two phases, they're in the first phase now, reconstructing the old bridge into a new, working pedestrian bridge.

"We are actually going in now and reworking the bridge, bringing it up to standards, redesigning it for the most part, especially the top layers. It will be more of the top layers. There will be a plaza level when it's all said and done."

All the sidewalks, railings, and asphalt will be replaced, there will be new lighting and soon we'll see a brick pattern on the bridge.

Jones says the entrance on the Columbus side, off the Riverwalk, is the second phase of the project.

"All that's got to be basically replaced, that's a different contract. We're in the status now of trying to get the bridge completed."

Jones says the planning is underway right now. It's under review by the Georgia Department of Transportation. Once it's cleared, construction will begin. The entire project has a price tag of about $3.2 million that came from a city stimulus package. Jones says they've had to make small changes because of the white water course.

"The pylons themselves have had to be reshaped and reformed because of kayakers and rafters, whatever we do we don't want them to get tied up down around those things or run into them."

The bridge is expected to be completed in November and Rick Jones says between Uptown events, the Pedestrian Bridge and the White Water course the aim is to bring the people back down to the water.

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