Flowers bloom early at Callaway Gardens

Need to get away? The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the flowers at Callaway Gardens are blooming.

"One of the things about this warm, warm weather that we've had, it has brought spring on in a rush, in a hurry all of a sudden. So, we're finding that things are blooming all together that shouldn't be blooming and we're about a month earlier than we should be," said garden director Patricia Collins.

Pink, white, red, and yellow flowers cover the 25,000 acre oasis.

"Behind me we have a lot of the cultivated Azaleas, ever green ones. The ones that originated in China and Japan and we also have a lot of our native Azaleas, ones that grow naturally in the south eastern United States.

Garden director Patricia Collins says there's something for the entire family to do.

"There's not just flowers here, there's so many things at Callaway Gardens. Every day we have three birds of prey shows and that is fascination to everyone."

Ever had a Barred Owl look you straight in the eye? At their "Birds of Prey" show, it can happen. You can also rent bikes, fish, and learn to swing from trees at their "treetop adventure".

The Fallin family says they love Callaway Gardens so much, they bought season passes.

"We've been picnicking and we're going to ride our bikes and enjoy the azaleas. We enjoy it so much. We have season passes, we highly recommend it," said Vance Fallin.

If you want see this wonderland place in person, tickets for the Spring Celebration are $25 for adults, $12.50 for children and for children under 5, and it's free.

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