Stewart County students & teachers disagree with poor rating by state

Stewart County Superintendent Floyd Fort says a recent list by the Georgia Department of Education is wrong. The list names 78 lowest performing schools across the state, Stewart County High School being one of them.

"By no means is Stewart County High School a low performing school as a matter of fact our graduation rate is 3 percentage points higher than the state average we are doing quite well. Probably one of the best kept secrets of South West Georgia," Fort said.  
Fort says the school was put on the list because of funding they've been receiving from the state. Now years later he says test scores have improved but the school still remains on the needs improvements list.
Senior Gayathri Gangadharon told Newsleader 9 today she couldn't believe her school was put on the list.
"The school is really really good, our graduation rates have gone up students are passing their classes everybody is going, wow, I can really do this and they are really interested in education," Gangadharan said. 
"Our students are often not dealt a great hand out of life but they make the most of what they have, our parents are very supportive which you don't find in most systems," Hamilton said. 
Principal Hamilton says the graduation rate at Stewart County High School has more than doubled since 2006. So has the school attendance rate and high school graduation test scores.
"We have worked for years to get off the needs improvement list we've met AYP 3 out of the last 4 years," Fort said. 
Gayathri Gangadharon says undying devotion from the student body is what pulled their school out of low performance. She is heading off to Georgia Tech in the fall, proof that students thrive and succeed at Stewart County High School.  
Stewart County Superintendent Floyd Fort says that he's working with the Georgia Department of Education to make sure that Stewart County High School is placed on the right list. 

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