Water main break moves home from foundation

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - An afternoon water main break actually moved one home off its foundation and has forced one Columbus family to find somewhere else to stay.

The dam in downtown Columbus may have imploded Wednesday afternoon, but a family in the Lakepoint subdivision was dealing with an explosion of water of their own underneath their house.

Homeowner Bobby Ellerbee said, "There was an awful screeching sound, like a rusty door hinge and then a loud boom and my whole house shook. There was a river flowing through my house. It moved the whole house off the foundation."

Columbus Water Works was on the scene trying to figure out exactly what caused the massive amount of water to flow through the Ellerbee's home.

The family says as they clean up they are amazed at the amount of damage the flooding did to their home, "My whole house was lifted. The support posts in the front and back of the house fell loose from the house. There is an inch and a half to two inch crack around the whole brick footing. It washed sand from under the slab itself. It flooded my whole neighborhood."

While clean-up crews work on their home, the Ellerbee's will have to find somewhere else to stay.

Bobby Ellerbee was actually preparing for his 60th birthday part before the water main break.

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