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Burglars caught on video snatching drugs from Dinglewood Pharmacy


Columbus police are investigating a break-in at a popular drugstore. The burglar alarm sounded at Dinglewood Pharmacy just before 4:00 a.m.Thursday morning.

A nearby security guard heard a loud bang and saw two men runningwith a white bag.  Police found the front glass door shattered anddiscovered some prescription drugs were missing.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, two men were literallybusting down the front doors and breaking into Dinglewood Pharmacy on WynntonRoad in Columbus.

 The store's surveillance cameras were rolling catching theunsuspecting burglars on tape.

"It was somebody who has cased us who has looked and watchedus fill prescriptions and they know where the medication is that theywant," Hurley said.

The store's owner Terry Hurley says the two thieves got away withmore than $20,000 in street value worth of. Major Randy Robertson with theMuscogee County Sheriff's office says prescription drug crime is common in the valleyand surrounding areas.

"Prescription pills can sell for just an incredible amount ofmoney on the street, anywhere from $50 to $200 a tablet," Major Robertson.

In the video you see the two looking in cabinets, then down onshelves, obviously searching for something specific. Hurley, who has owned thestore for more than 30 years, says the same exact type of break-in happenedalmost three years ago.

"This is being done by somebody who is getting it to sellsomewhere else because they knew exactly what they wanted," Hurleysaid. 

"Prescription medication abuse is a serious problem we have alot of pills on our streets that we need to get off," Robertson said.

To do that, the Muscogee County Sheriff's office is working withColumbus Water Works and Keep Columbus Beautiful to help folks dispose of theirprescription pills properly, the next disposal date is scheduled for SaturdayApril 28th

"Get them out of the medicine cabinet if they are not beingused properly they could get in the hands of teenagers or other people who maybe abusing them," Sergeant Kasey Trombley.

As for the two men who got away with thousands of dollars in pillsat Dinglewood Pharmacy, investigators need your help finding them. If you haveany information you are asked to call Columbus Police at 706-653-3400

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