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Columbus Water Works investigating water main burst at home


One Columbus family is assessing the damage done to their home Wednesday after a water main burst under their house.

"I can sum it up pretty easily. More damage, more damage, more damage." That's what the Ellerbee family was faced with just 24 hours after their home was literally lifted off the ground from a water main break in their Lakepointe home in northeast Columbus.

"It had enough force and pressure to raise my house. The slab itself was raised, not the wood frame structure, the house was lifted completely up like floating a ship so to speak," homeowner Bobby Ellerbee said.

Hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, along with sand and silt, poured from underneath their home. Columbus Water Works crews responded immediately to the water main break and began their investigation into the cause. Ellerbee told FOX 54, "Thankfully the Water Works people are being very helpful, but it doesn't put my house back together."

Connie Ellerbee added, "It's just like in five seconds you lose everything you have really. I believe everything in my house is going to be totally lost, furniture, everything. I don't think we're going to be able to move back in this house or even build a house on this lot."

Columbus Water Works told FOX 54 they were just as astonished about the flooded home as the Ellerbee's were and they will make sure the problem is solved.

"I know they are all doing some investigating to find out how can a water main be under my house? The water main was obviously here first, there shouldn't have been a house built on top of it," said Bobby Ellerbee.

Columbus Water Works has provided a place for the Ellerbee family to stay while the damage to their house is being assessed. They tell us the investigation into the cause of the water main break is still under investigation.

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