Crowds line up for 'The Hunger Games' premier

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - It has been called the perfect depiction of good versus evi. Thursday night, 'The Hunger Games' book battled its way onto movie screens across the country.

"I'm excited to see how well that does it compared to the book.  If it matches up right or if it is going to be just a movie," says Jake Gaddis as he waited to see the movie.

Fans lined up for the midnight showing of the first movie of The Hunger Games.

The movie follows the life of a teenager named Katniss who volunteers in place of her sister to compete in a gladiator style battle with kids across their country, Panem.

"She's kind of a Joan of Arc of the age, and she's amazing," says Julianna Lovelette, a huge The Hunger Games fan. "She's brave especially with what she has to go through."

At Carmike 15 in Columbus, Thursday night was the first ever Big D game where several lucky waiting audience members are chosen to compete for the grand prize, a vacation to Panama City, Florida.

"They might require some endurance.  They might require some eating.  They might require someone getting a little messy.  A little archery might be involved.  It's everything," said General Manager Daniel Keigans.

Keigans says movies like "The Hunger Games" are more just fun.

"All the business in the world helps, and any, all these movies that create such a fan base.  I mean, you can't have enough of them.  If we could have one of these every weekend it would be great for business," said Keigans.

For die-hard fans, they say this might be their biggest movie obsession yet.

"Twilight, you know, is kind of geared more toward the girls, and younger teens, and, Harry Potter is fancier, but this one, it is action, adventure, romance, all that stuff.  So, I think everybody can get into it," said Eddy Bowman.

While saying the box office numbers are hard to predict, experts believe the movie will bring in half a billion dollars around the world.

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