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Police officer helps deliver baby on the side of the road


Law enforcement officials expect to fight crime and keep our communities safe, but one local police officer did not know his job would include helping deliver a baby on the side of the road!

Niasaray Brawner was born just a couple of days ago in her parent's van!

"I told my husband, the baby is coming, and the baby is coming now.  I could feel the urge to push, and I reached down, and I could feel her head," said her mother, Latasha Brawner.

Early Wednesday morning, Latasha and her husband Kenyatta raced to the hospital, but the Manchester couple knew they would not make the almost hour long drive to Columbus.  They desperately called 911 and stopped into the parking lot of Beck Financial in Waverly Hall.

"When we pulled down and back up into the parking lot, I was like this is it.  We're not going any further than this.  You know, you're just nervous, and excited, and anxious all at the same time," said the mother.

Sergeant David Vines says he received the call from dispatch just after midnight, and he rushed to the parking lot.

"When I got here, the father was standing outside the vehicle screaming, ‘The heads coming out!'  So, when I went to the passenger side's seat, the baby was crowning.  I had time to get my gloves on, and wound up delivering the baby," said Vines.

Holding the newborn, Vines faced another challenge: the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's head and she was not breathing.

"That really scared me.  Once I was able to get her face cleaned off, got her airway open, and got the chord unwrapped from her neck, I could get her breathing again, and that next to my child being born, I've got to say, that was probably the proudest I have ever been in my life," said Vines.

The sergeant says the healthy little girl is the highlight of his 18-year career in law enforcement.

"[We] couldn't have done it without him and the EMS guys.  I don't know what we would have done out there by ourselves.  It would have been, I don't know," said the baby's father.

The proud dad says they are more than grateful for Vines, 911 dispatchers, and EMS for the quick help.

Vines he will never forget this little girl and her family.

"If there is anything I can ever do for her, all the parents have to do is just ask."

Niasaray was born weeks before her due date, April 18th.  The newborn is the couple's eighth child now with four boys and four girls.  Her father jokes that she is the last addition because no other child could have such a grand entrance.

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