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Second explosion at Eagle and Phenix Dam wows crowds


The second breaching of The Eagle and Phenix Dam took place Sunday morning. The crowds were not as massive as they were at the first breaching a few days ago, but the second breaching was still a sight to see. The second blast reached new heights and this time many say they were not disappointed.

"The first breach was designed to relieve the pressure on the dam. The second breach will be much wider, and will actually go to the bottom of the river bed and so it will expose rapids upstream that we haven't seen in one-hundred and thirty years. So this is a pretty big deal today," project organizer John Turner said.

Roy Watson has lived in Columbus all his life, he says blowing the dam lets the water run freely like it did when he was a child. He says it brings back memories when he and his friends would play down on the river pretending they were a fiction character in a Mark Twain book. 

"When I was a young adult, me and my play mates, we were like Tom Sawyer on this river. Well we were explorers. We wanted to get out on the river and do all the things say Tom Sawyer would do back in the Mississippi," said Watson.

He said he came out to the second breaching because he's just happy about all the great things happening in Columbus.

"I think it's going to be wonderful. You know it's going to take a little time, but I think it's a great future. You know people are always excited about kayaking and river rafting," said Watson.

Developers say this 20-million dollar project should be complete in about a year.

Darlene Nugent stumbled upon Sunday's breaching but she says she's excited to possibly get her children into a sport she did many years ago.

"There's a lot going on in this town as far as outdoor activities and i think this is just one more to add to it and i think that's terrific," said Nugent

They don't call it the Eagle and Phenix Dam for nothing. Soon after the blast a bald eagle took flight over the river.  

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