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EDITORIAL: Ten Commandments

EDITORIAL:   Just when things are heating up in the presidential race so are things in the Georgia legislature like placing the Ten Commandments on government buildings.

By an amazing 161-to-0 vote the Georgia House unanimously passed onto the Senate. Legislation, if enacted, would permit the Ten Commandments to be posted not only in all state buildings but also schools as well.

Right now, the current law allows the Ten Commandments to be placed in courthouses. But only when side-by-side with eight other historical documents of importance including: the Magna Carta,  the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the motto "In God We Trust", the Star Spangled Banner, the Preamble to the Georgia Constitution, and a description of the image of Lady Justice.

Supporters of the bill want the Ten Commandments to be able to stand alone and on all government buildings.

If the governor signs it one thing will be certain a big old lawsuit will follow.

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