Uptown Columbus has 65 events planned for the spring

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - If you've ever used the phrase "there is nothing to do in the area", Uptown Columbus is proving you wrong.

"We have 65 events planned for just this spring alone," explained Elizabeth Lee, the Vice-President of Marketing for Uptown Columbus.

Uptown Columbus announced their event line-up for the spring and they are making sure you and your family will stay busy and entertained.

Lee explained, "We have a lot going on in Uptown and we're kicking it off this weekend with our Frogtown Hollow Jam. It's also the kick-off of Market Days, we will also kick off next weekend with an Easter egg hunt."

Event planner Stephanie Woodham added, "With this spring series we start out with Uptown Bash on the Banks which is a barbecue cook off. The Loft on Broadway has been here for 20 years this June so we are going to throw a big Broadway boogie out on the streets on Broadway as well as inside the Loft."

These events aren't only for people who already live and work in Columbus, but they are hoping to attract more out-of-town guests. Lee told News Leader 9, "With all our events we are attracting tourism, we are attracting visitors to all of our businesses. It doesn't just help businesses and merchants in Uptown, it helps businesses throughout Columbus. With these events we hope to draw people in."

From concerts, to Scott's Ride for Miracles, Woodham says there will always be something to do in Uptown Columbus, "For any of you that say there is nothing to do in Columbus, Georgia -- for those of us who grew up saying there is nothing to do -- now there is tons to do!"

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