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Russell County Jail has history of inmate escapes


Thursday night's jail break is not the first to happen at the Russell Count Jail. In January 2006, three men overpowered four officers at the jail and broke out.

The men stabbed two security guards with a make-shift knife and attacked a sergeant and correctional officer.  All three of the men were convicted murderers and the escape would gain national attention.  After a four day man hunt the inmates were brought back to justice.

"We don't have very many we have had a few, I don't know Alcatraz had a few," Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor said.

In our archives News Leader 9 found that several inmates walked off of work detail at the Russell County Jail in 2011. There was one attempted escape in December involving Charles Smith who did escape on Thursday.

Police dogs and helicopters led to the capture of one of the men who escaped in 2006.  The other two men were found at hotel in Columbus.  The story ended the same for the three men who escaped on Thursday, one being caught at an abandoned house in Ladonia, Alabama  and the other two on Highway 431 less than a mile from the Jail. 

"There was damage to our building and they were able to get into the yard and eventually over the razor wire," Sheriff Taylor said. 

News Leader 9 reached out to former Russell County Sheriff Tommy Boswell for a comment about this recent jail break, he was not available.

The Russell County Jail was built in the early 90s and has had several upgrades and renovations over the years. The most recent began last summer and it is still underway.

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