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Hundreds march in Columbus for slain Florida teen


A big group from all over Columbus was marching for Trayvon Martin on Saturday.

"No justice, no peace. I am Trayvon Martin," are the words participants chanted as over 100 people marched from the Bradley Center to the Government Center on Saturday. They say they just want justice for the slain Florida teen.

"We care what's going on in our community and in our world today. And we are just here to bring awareness and let you all know that we want justice for Trayvon Martin," says Columbus State University sophomore Kiederra Andrews.

On a rainy day in Sanford, Florida, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was gunned down by Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman. The killing has sparked conversations about race, clothing, and what some are calling injustice all over the country.

When questioned by police, Zimmerman said he thought Martin looked suspicious because he had on a gray hoodie.

"I own hoodies. I've always worn hoodies my whole life and I know that that could happen to me," says CSU senior Antonio Orsborn.

Orsborn captivated the crowd filled with supporters, Mayor Tomlinson, Police Chief Ricky Boren, and other congressmen when he spoke of feeling like he should screen print his resume onto his hoodie.

"I just know that even if my resume were on the front of my hoodie, it still probably wouldn't change some of those miscommunications from happening. But, with events like this we can bring that awareness, it makes it a little bit better."

Mayor Tomlinson says she is all for the community wanting and having access to their government, and feeling like they are being heard.

"I think the fact that your chief of police was here today shows you that we have a very thoughtful, engaged and progressive community and leadership here."

The group of students that put this entire event together say this is not the last Columbus will hear from them.

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