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Honey Baked Ham

Over 40 years ago, Harry J. Hoenselaar began a special tradition when he opened his first The HoneyBaked Ham Company store in Michigan. He'd select the finest quality bone-in ham. Cure it in his secret marinade, and then for tenderness, he'd smoke the ham for hours over a unique blend of hardwood chips.

The crowning touch was Harry's crunchy sweet glaze that crackled with good taste. He even found a way to slice the ham into perfectly even slices. He invented and patented a unique machine that slices a ham in a single, continuous spiral. The rest is history.

Three generations and over 400 stores later, the Hoenselaar family still prepares The HoneyBaked Ham the same way that Harry did... one ham at a time. The children and grandchildren of the Hoenselaar family are committed to carrying on the wonderful tradition and legacy of Harry J. Hoenselaar.

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